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The YY approach is based on measurable strategies for different client industries, resulting in a complete management of your sales and marketing planning and delivery.

We combine sales strategies with marketing optimization, customer insights, a focus on the customer relationship, pricing, and channel management.

With over 40 years of experience in Sales and Marketing across the business, we help our partners to develop comprehensive insights into your customers and markets that will identify opportunities to grow your business.

YY Consulting provide in-depth assessment of the business in its current position.

Here, we are seeking to clearly define both the strengths of the business that can be developed and the weaknesses that represent constraints to growth.

What we are seeking to identify here are market changes that may present either an opportunity or a threat to the business. The establishment of a clear vision for the business, incorporating clear and measurable developmental objectives short and long term.

In summary YY develop clearly defined strategies that aim to ensure the realisation of the Company's growth goals.

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