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At YY we run a simple marketing to sales department strategy and conduct types of marketing campaigns based on our own tried and tested marketing to sales funnel.

YY Consulting can deploy recurring campaigns that we call drivers, they set the groundwork for future success and builder campaigns, such as blogging, PR and social engagement, which are designed to create and expand assets on an ongoing basis, and largely support top-of-the-funnel metrics such as; visitors, subscribers, reach etc.

Drivers are campaigns that capitalize on existing assets to generate short-term returns in the middle and bottom of the funnel (i.e. leads, new customer conversions, recurring sales), and are often conducted over one-to-three-month periods.

Think of builders as marathons, and drivers as sprints. During the planning process, YY ensures your campaigns align with sales targets, marketing goals, personas and company milestones.

YY take on campaign-based engagement from end to end high-priority projects to specific areas of analytics, brand identity, crisis communications, marketing technology integration, for sales teams research and strategic planning.

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