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Our Approach

The YY Approach

Our services adapt to your company’s needs. No matter what stage of business your company is at we can support you to reach the next milestones on your journey.


Go-to-market strategies
Brand development
Market research
Sales training & consultancy


Market analysis
Commercial planning
Sales management
Expansion hiring services

Turn Around

Sales performance analysis
Commercial offering review
Process optimization
Staff hiring & sales training

Our Process

What Makes
YY Consulting Different?

At YY we have a uniquely created methodology that breaks down the sales and marketing process into a five-phase approach. By analysing each phase of the process, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your offering and delve into the challenges your company may face and the opportunities you can act upon. Our efforts look to create a synergy within your company by aligning the three key operations of your organisation - your people, your processes and your technology:


People are instrumental to your company and become an extension of your brand. We work with companies to assist them in hiring the best people for you and your company culture. Your team are pivotal to how you achieve your results, so we put solutions in place that get the best out of you and your team.


In any business time is money. At YY we evaluate your Sales & Marketing processes to identify ways to shorten and optimize your sales cycle to allow your team to close more deals. But, sales do not end with your sales team, we look to strengthen how you manage accounts in order to increase customer retentions and thus give your sales organization a competitive advantage.


Technology used right within modern marketing and sales teams can allow your company to have a key differentiator over your competitors. YY Consulting look to synergise the personal human element of your business with cutting edge technology. By striking the right balance we are able to empower your sales team with the right tools, leading to increased efficiencies and improved sales performance.

Our Charity Partner

We're proud to support our local community
and partner with AWARE NI.
We believe in human connections
and making people a priority in all that we do.

Our Methodology

D.A.S.E.R Method ©

Based on a combined over 40 years Sales and Marketing experience YY Consulting have developed a totally unique methodology that allows us to get under the skin of a company’s Sales and Marketing department. Our five-phase approach analyses every stage of the marketing through to sale cycle allowing our team to identify opportunities and unearth potential constraints to your company’s success.

1. Discover 3. Strategy 5. Retention
2. Analysis 4. Execution

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